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Deadly Report On Fukushima #4

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(Troy Livingston) I put this note together to try answer some questions TEPCO has not about Reactor 4 (R4) These pictures tell a story that does not align with what TEPCO and the nuclear industry is saying about R4.

Satellite imagery of Fukushima all four reactors from March 14, 2011 @11:04am note R4 is steaming away! TEPCO and NRC claims r4 blew from hydrogen entering from reactor 3 pipe. How could this be possible when R3 is blown up and we can clearly see R4 undergoing extreme heat steam release?

Satellite imagery from March 14, 2011 @11:04am R1 blown up melted down bottom left next up is the R2 building outside structure intact, next R3 MOX plutonium reactor blown up steaming heavily to atmosphere centre pic, top is R4 steaming away putting into question the lie from the nuclear industry that R4 blew up from hydrogen from R3.
March 14 2011 @ 11:01am R3 building explodes, injuring six workers. @13:15pm The reactor core isolation cooling system for reactor 2 stops and, shortly afterwards, the water level within the reactor starts falling. @15:00pm A major part of the fuel in R3 meltsdown and drops to the bottom of the reactor pressure vessel. @18:00pm: The water level in R2 reaches the top of the fuel and by 20:00pm Core damage starts occurring in R2.
There is no images of Fukushima on March 15, 2011 due to a 9 hour fire that breaks out at R4. Radiation levels at the plant rise significantly and the works evacuate. @11:00am A second explosion of reactor 3 happens.
Satellite imagery from March 16, 2011 @09:35am see R4 to the left (south) steaming from the south wall where the sfp (spent fuel pool) is located. R3 is steaming like a jet into the atmosphere centre pic most damaged reactor. Can see R1 on the right blown up and no steam as it would have already burned and released its lethal load to the environment.

Satellite imagery March 16, 2011 @ 10:35am Just like the picture before this one we can see R1 in red box at top (north) with no steam from its already melted fuel. R4 is at the bottom (south) in red box no steam seen from the north wall.

March 16, 2011 Zoom on North wall of R4 molten mass note the molten mass that flowed out of the wall is gold colour it later turns black as pictures will show. Also not the black smoke rising from R4!

Satellite imagery  March 17, 2011 @ 12:00am steam from all reactors dissipates compared to the first week of releases.

March 17, 2011 from helicopter TEPCO says/confirms there is water in R4sfp

March 18, 2011 fly over. Yellow smoke seen rising up from R4SFP indicating fuel damage in the SFP!

March 18, 2011 fly over Zoom of molten mass that flowed out of R4 north wall the same side as the Equipment Pool (EP). The R4SFP in located on the south wall.

March 20, 2011 drone fly over facing west, see r4 north wall buckled and blob melted out.

March 20, 2011 drone fly over looking straight down see the buckle in the north wall. SFP is still steaming away good thing that means there is water.

March 20,2011 heat signature from thermographic images show there was more to reactor 4 then the spent fuel pool. The SFP would be on the left and the core in the muddle and the equipment pool on the right all show heat signatures.

March 24, 2011 drone fly over of R4 facing west seeing east wall, red swing pump for pumping concrete used for pumping water on R4. See steam rising from centre of R4 building. see molten mass out of the north wall onto vent pipe (right side of building)

March 24, 2011 heat signature from thermographic image show R4 (centre pic) with the highest heat source in the centre of the building where the core is located that corresponds with the steam rising from the drone fly overs.

March 24, 2011 drone fly over facing east. Molten mass north wall left of building. steam seen rising from the centre of R4

March 28, 2011 heat signature from thermographic images shows high heat source from R4 core, R4SFP and R4EP (Reactor 4 Equipment Pool)

March 31, 2011 Heat signature clearly shows out line of R4 SFP on the left, R4Core in the middle and the R4EP (equipment pool) on the right.

April 16, 2011 heat signature on R4 stretches from north to south showing there is something hot in the SFP,Core and EP (equipment pool)

This is a screen shot of the security camera in R4 before it exploded. We are looking north with the SFP (spent fuel pool) at the bottom the core round open circle in the centre and behind the fuelling crane is the EP (Equipment Pool) which we can not see due to the crane blocking the view.

This is on top of R4 looking at the core containment well. Notice the black on the well wall past the far side of the workers that looks like a fire signature from burning fuel in this core.

This is the layout of R4 building floor plan compared with a the thermographic image of R4

We can better see the out line of R4 building in this picture but the heat signature is the same.

This is Chernobyl’s molten mass which was gold colure when found in the basement of the reactor building in 1989. this molten mass traveled through pipes and tunnels to reach the basement where it then cooled and turned black. I show this picture as it resembles the molten mass seen out of R4 north wall March 16.

This picture shows reactor 4 bellowing steam from the centre of the building (Top Pic) where the core is located. The bottom picture shows reactor 4 building lay out sized to the same size as the top picture. We can see the equipment pool on the left of the bottom pic (north) and the spent fuel pool on the right (south) We can also see the the equipment pool is not as deep as the core or the spent fuel pool meaning if low water condition existed the fuel in the equipment pool would burn and meltdown first. This would explain the molten mass out the north wall of R4, it would also explain why R4 north wall is pushed out and caved in at the top. R3 exploded before R4 and R4 north wall was not pushed in then it had to of happened from the high heat of a fire when the equipment pool melted down and left the building which caused reactor four hydrogen to build up and explode.There is no question I think, TEPCO and the nuclear industry are lying about Reactor 4. Is the SFP all burned up? I don’t think it all is… but its defiantly damaged and defiantly lost some fuel. Pictures show steam so that means water and current 2013 images show intact fuel so it could not have gone completely dry as there would not be such intact fuel assemblies as we see now.