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Have You Bothered to Tell Your Children That They Have No Future?


(Dave Hodges)  When I became a parent, I mistakenly thought that I would raise my son just like my parents raised me. My parents instilled in me a fundamental respect for authority, how to honor the great traditions of our country and how to work hard to get what I wanted out of life.

I grew up loving the ideals of our country, the freedom and the opportunity.  As a result, I have lived a good and prosperous life. I give thanks to my parents and to God everyday for my good fortune. However, I have learned that I was not fully prepared to be a parent because I do not know how to teach my teenage son about how he should live in the New World Order.

The America we knew is dead and gone and is running solely on momentum. Are any of you asking the same question that I am about how we tell our teenage children that they live under a hopelessly corrupt government and they are making plans to fully enslave all of us under REX 84, FEMA Camps, NDAA, etc? Do we teach our children to never criticize the government because free speech has been criminalized as an act of terrorism? How do we provide our children hope that if they work hard and go to college, that they will have a good life? And even if our kids graduate from college, most won’t find jobs when they get out of school and even if they do find work in their field, they will be debt slaves because of the cost of higher education. How do we encourage our children to learn the lessons of civics when we fully know that our vote, on a national level, does not make a darn bit of difference and that the Pelosi’s, Reid’s, Clinton’s, Bush’s and Obama’s are bought and paid for? How do we teach our children that our brave men and women who serve in the military have been turned into pawns of corporate greed and subsequent imperialism? How do we prepare to raise our children in a decadent society which dishonors the Christian principles that our country was founded upon?

The Questions a Parent Cannot Answer

My son is showing signs of asking questions befitting an adult perspective of our present political and economic situation.  I am not bashful about identifying the misdeeds of our government when I am writing or broadcasting. Also, I know that I have the intellectual capacity to explain to my son how bad things have become in terms he can understand. However, I have found that  I am lacking the skill and knowledge to explain to my son just how bad things are and that his generation has no future. I know that there comes the day when all parents realize that we have to tell our children that there is no Santa Claus.

I grew up in an America which was a republic interspersed with some corruption. Today’s America is a corporate criminal enterprise where there are no rules for the elite and the republic concepts underlying our laws are on life support. Subsequently, my son is growing up in a far different America than I did and to hear him talk about his future hopes and fears reflects these fundamental changes that we have experienced as a country.

The Creation of Debt Slaves and the Increasingly Worthless College Degree

Save your money, go to college, get a good job, right? For the most part, that ship has sailed.

The rate of increase of a college education has increased eight times more than the cost of living. In my generation, college students could pay for their education with part time jobs. A part time job, today, will not even purchase the text books.

In order to obtain a college degree today, students must pay about three times as much for their degree as did someone graduating 30 years ago, even when accounting for inflation. And there is not one shred of evidence that the quality of the education today have received a degree three times as good. In fact, the existing data is suggests that our college students are paying far more than their parents did and receiving a less quality education.

According to the College Board, in 1983 a typical private American university managed to provide a bachelor’s degree education to young people just like you for $11,000 a year in tuition and fees, today, it costs almost $30,000 per year.

Thirty years ago, public universities have witnessed an even more dramatic increase. One used to be able to get a full four-year degree for $8,800. Today, one year’s worth of tuition will cost $8,700. In fact, today on an overcrowded college campus, it takes an average of six years to graduate because of the shortage of offered required classes, It can accurately be said that a good rule of thumb is that the bigger the college, the longer it takes to graduate. Further, when one factors in the time for degree completion, a college education at a public university is 6-8 times greater than it was in 1983.  And if you think that these figures don’t sound that bad, please consider that the new tuition numbers do not account for room and board.

This Is the Job Market We Have Left Our Children

Today, nearly 25 million adults, or 57 percent of all young adults between 18 and 24 stilllive at home with their parents because they’re unemployed or underemployed. These adults are attempting to pay off student loans or save money to buy a home, save money for school or to save money for any number of other reasons. While having your parents as your roommates may make financial sense, it is devastating for a person’s self-esteem and it is the kiss of death for one’s marriage choices. Trulia’s survey found that only 5% of unmarried adults would consider dating someone who lived at home with their parents.

The majority of college graduates considered their college experience a waste of time as 70% of all surveyed college graduates wish that they had spent more time preparing for real jobs skills rather than the purely academic focus they pursued while in school. 

It would appear that the regret expressed by so many college students is well-grounded in fact, as there are more than 100,000 janitors and 317,000 waiters and waitresses that have college degrees. In the year 2000, 80 percent of men in their late 20’s had a full-time job, by 2012, only 65 percent of this population had full-time work. And what will happen as Obamacare kicks in and employers continue the trend to reduce their workforce to part-time?

These statistics are only the tip of the iceberg, but the message here is clear. Be prepared my fellow parents to support your children well into their 30’s. There is an additional consideration, the Obama administration and friends are posturing to eliminate the generational transmission of wealth. Even though we have allowed the central bankers through such nefarious strategies as the blatant implementation of free trade agreements to export many of our jobs overseas, we could have still passed along our acquired wealth to our children. However, if our pensions and 401K funds are confiscated and placed into a national redistribution of wealth center, your child will see little, if anything, of your accumulated wealth. This is an obvious ploy to impoverish this new generation and make them totally dependent on government for everything. If Obama has his way, our welfare ranks will grow from one in two working age Americans to a 100% rate of dependency upon the government. After all, 75% of all Americans make less than $30,000 per year.

More Jobs Are Leaving the Country

For decades, our leaders in Washington pushed us towards “a global economy” and told us it would be so good for us.  But there is a flip side.  Now workers in the U.S. must compete with workers all over the world, and our greedy corporations are free to pursue the cheapest labor available anywhere on the globe.  Millions of jobs have already been shipped out of the United States, and Princeton University economist Alan S. Blinder estimates that 22% to 29% of all current U.S. jobs will be offshorable within two decades.  The days when blue collar workers could live the American Dream are gone and they are not going to come back.

If you are awake as to what is going on and you have children, you will one day be forced to answer the questions that your children ask about the world that they live in. And for the life of me, I do not know how to tell my child how to live in the New World Order.