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[1/12/17]  Is this any way to start off a relationship?

Nine days before CNN parent Time Warner will have to negotiate with Donald Trump’s antitrust cops, the cable news network got a dressing down by the President-elect.

 “Your organization is terrible,” Trump told CNN reporter Jim Acosta when he tried to ask a question during Wednesday’s news conference.

“Quiet, quiet,” Trump admonished when it was clear the journalist would not be chosen for a question.

As Acosta persisted, Trump said, “Don’t be rude.” When that didn’t work, Trump barked: “You are fake news.”

The confrontation grew from a controversial story CNN published Tuesday about Trump being presented at a Jan. 6 meeting with intelligence experts a two-page synopsis with allegations that Russian operatives claim to have compromising personal and financial information on the president-elect.

Both Trump and Russian authorities called the claims nonsense.

While Trump’s rebuke was stark enough, it came as his Justice Department will start to investigate the antitrust implications of AT&T’s $85 billion merger with Time Warner.

Trump said on the campaign trail that he wouldn’t approve the deal.

It was much debated in media circles if the press conference run-in would move the needle on Trump’s stance.