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5 Preps To Make Before The Collapse

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(Thomas Dishaw)  I know it’s hard to believe, but a collapse of the United States financial system is not that  far off.

The temporary band aids applied by Ben Bernanke will only hold for so long.  Have you seen the National Debt Clock lately? Its approaching 17 trillion dollars.

We all know  the leaders we entrusted to handle America’s  finances will never pay this debt back. Career politicians will continue to bankrupt this country until the conspiracy of foreign troops taking over America becomes a reality .

The banking system is in shambles. Have you ever tried to withdrawal over $1,000 dollars without getting harassed, only to be told the bank doesn’t have the funds available and you must wait 24 hours?  What will you do when the ATM’s stop working or run out of money?  How will you react when America is forced to have Cyprus style bailouts? I know scenarios like this are hard to grasp for most people but it WILL HAPPEN HERE, the only thing you can do is prepare.

  • Guns Owning a firearm is the best choice you can make when protecting your family.  Nothing scares off would be intruders more than the  sound of a shotgun. There are many choices on the market but due to the recent purchases of bullets by the DHS you should choose a weapon that you can easily find ammunition for.  My recommendation would be the 9mm. 
  • Storable Food Breaking the chains of the corporate food grid is one of the best things you can do.  Having a minimum 1 year food supply on hand is essential for survival after any major civil unrest. If you’re unable to make that kind of financial commitment start small and get a 3 month survival pack.
  • Communication One of the most basic things we take for granted is communication.  We have become slaves to technology and have never had to deal with a total communication loss. Just imagine not being able to make a call on your cell phone, receive  “snail-mail”or communicate with family and friends through email. This is a nightmare that most of us hope we will never have to deal with. But the grim reality is this  catastrophe will be here sooner than we think. A small investment in a ham radio or at least 2 way radio is essential to survive any collapse


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