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American Flag Bearing Barack Obama Hangs in New Jersey

(Patrick Henningsen)  A CBS News affiliate in Philadelphia reported on an incident this week, where a local South Jersey resident has been flying the stars and stripes – only there are no the stars representing the 50 states. In their place was the emblazoned image of Barack Obama.

Residents complained that this new ’Obama Stripes’ version of the American Flag violates the United States official flag code

One elderly resident appeared to be visibly shaken for fear she would be branded as a ‘racist’ for showing her disapproval of the Obama Stripes.  She explains, “I don’t to be called a racist because I object to an American flag where the stars are removed – to put a face. I don’t care if it’s a can of peas, it doesn’t belong on my American Flag.”

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This has come a month after a similar event took place in Florida, where the Obama Stripeswas seen hanging outside of the Lake County Democrat Party office. This apparently sent one Korean war veteran, Don Van Beck’s blood boiling.

WFTV Channel 9 interviewed Van Beck who explained, “I can’t describe how upset was because you just don’t do that to the American flag,” Van Beck said.

Marine Corps vet John Masterjohn was seeing red, stating, “Joseph Stalin, pictures of Mao, pictures of Adolph Hitler. The pomp, the ceremony — the flags like that”.

Indeed, Masterjohn has a valid point. The soviet-style agitprop art which was the hallmark of Obama’s 2008 election craze, and undoubtedly helped to propell him into a ‘cult of personality’ – seemed to die off in the last and a half. But as the election year rolls forward in 2012, these two incidents may only be scratching the surface of what American can expect in terms of Obama’s iconic-agitprop imagery over the next 8 months.

History shows however, that whenever societies are lured into a cult of personality-led government, a rapid slide into tryanny almost always ensues.

The image of the rising sun which was Obama’s official logo crafted by PR guru Sol Sender, and bears remarkable resemblence to other iconic socialist logos.

It is already widely accepted that Barack Obama was influenced by the radical leftist teacherSaul Alinsky, and proceeded to follow in his footsteps as a Chicago-based “community organizer”. In this same fashion, Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign also has many of the characteristics of Alinsky’s teachings, employing class warfare themes.

Where the cult of personality becomes more dangerous, is when citizens exhidit a blind loyalty to their icon, a condition which is similsr to celebrity worship. As the American police state has progressed rapidly under the current adminstration with the passage of a number of unconstitutional executive orders like the NDAA, this seemingly ‘blind loyalty’ could also be influenced subtly by a fear of the state.

Only a few days earlier, many a constitutional scholar were left with their jaws dropped down near their ankles, following Obama’s White House lawn speech, where he dismissed the US Supreme Court, as an “Unelected group of people would somehow overturn a duly constitutional and passed law”, referring to their ability to overturn Obamacare legislation as unconstitutional.

Such a statement could be viewed as disturbing to 21st century America, considering the record amount of unlawfull executive orders and signing statements which have taken place under both GW Bush and Obama over the last 12 years.

Above all these stories, however, is the not so distant memory of how the Democrat media machine and its army of underlings shamelessly employed elementary school children during their campaign- in brutal fashion, but glossed over with an extremely slick marketing finish. In this game of Goebells-style campaigning, the school teachers who allowed their students to be politicized in the way are probably most to blame. Either way, it make for very frightening viewing. Watch:

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Although the Obama flag appears to be a flagrant violation of all things American, it pales in comparison to the video of the school children singing his theme song.

Food for though here: even Adolf Hitler never had his face printed on the German flag, which you could say… only makes this latest trend slightly worrying.