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Another Teen Allegedly Shot, Killed By Apartment Security Guards In Atlanta

(WSBTV) DeKalb police are investigating the overnight shooting of an 18-year-old allegedly killed by apartment security guards.

The family of Ervin Jefferson said they don’t believe their loved one was killed by the guards at a nearby apartment complex because the teen was not only shot, but he was run over by a car, Channel 2’s Sophia Choi reported from the scene.

The guards, who were on duty at The Village at Wesley Chapel Apartments, told police they were checking out a suspicious car at about 10:30 p.m. when they heard gunfire coming from Jefferson’s home on Pleasant Wood Drive, just a short distance away from the complex.

The guards told police they saw Jefferson exit the home, and walk toward them aggressively, while making threats to kill.  That’s when the guards drew their weapons and fired at the teen, hitting him in the chest, police said.

The guards told police they heard more gunfire coming from the house, so they ran back to the complex, where they met police.

Investigators are still interviewing those guards, but the victim’s family insists that the so-called shooters did not kill the teen, whose family said was unarmed when the incident occurred. The family said if the guards actually did kill Jefferson, they are lying about what happened.

“For one thing, the car was completely on top of him covered,” Jefferson’s uncle, Dana Davis said.  “His whole body was covered.  We have yet to see his body.  No body.”

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