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Army Under Cyber Attack In Alaska? Military Sites Offline

(Thomas Dishaw)  Social media reports have indicated that all three of Alaska’s  Military websites are currently offline, indicating that something is very wrong in the last frontier state.

The bases affected are Fort Richardson, Fort Greely, and Fort Wainwright.

According to data they have been offline almost 24 hours, with the outage taking place at 12am on 9/7/13.

Efforts to connect with ,, and all failed after multiple attempts.

Is Alaska under cyber attack? Could this be a war game exercise leading up to the Syrian conflict? No official reports have been released but one could speculate this could be a major warning or just a glitch in the matrix.

AEIC is also reporting an earthquake  that struck the region at 10:35 pm on Saturday night with the magnitude unknown. Some people speculate that this could have caused a massive military outage,  but I’m sure our Government has better preparedness plans in place that would stop something like that from happening.

Calls to all three bases were unanswered as we looked for comment regarding this situation.  Check back soon as we continue to watch this breaking story.

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