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Australian Police Want Citizens To Volunteer “Prints” To New Fingerprint Scanners


(Planet Biometrics)  Australian police in New South Wales are set to receive mobile fingerprint scanners, with authorities already planning to approach vendors. In a tender released on August 20, the NSWPOL department stated that the devices must work with the Samsung smartphones that officers have been issued with.

The fingerprint sensors that are finally chosen must tether to the mobile devices’ internet connection and transferring captured information to an app on the phone. NSWPOL is the machines will increase the number of fingerprints on file and lead to operational savings by not having to return individuals to the station to take their biometric details.

In February, South Australia spent $3 million on 150 bluetooth-enabled devices and supporting software, to be supplied by NEC. At this stage SA police officers can only collect fingerprints from suspects who volunteer their biometrics, while they wait for new legislation that will give them the power to compel suspects to comply with the identification process in the field.