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Banks To Confiscate Accounts As ATM’s Go Dry


(Steve Quayle)  I will keep this to the point. For many months I have been warning that there will be a banking/financial cyber attack that will put the economy on it’s back. This was one of the scenarios that the banksters have been wargaming/simulating for years.

I became privy to it once it was revealed to me that not only are the banks open to it, but that they are doing nothing to prevent it. No real investments nothing in protecting vital banking infrastructre. I have in past alerts notified many as to the hacks that have syphoned billions from investors/depositors.

Over the last few weeks we have seen massive interruptions from online banking to exchanges shutting down for hours at time. This is not just a mere coincidence, when one takes into account the large scale of these disruptions. It becomes clear that something is fundamentally wrong.

From payroll problems in the private sector to now the very same issues affecting the public/federal sector. This problem seems to be mounting and I believe the culprits are two fold.

One, there is an anomaly that is moving through the system. This is causing an incredible amount of “glitches” and fail safes to trigger. This is true and it is happening. Time will tell what this anomaly is though followers of this site and of mine know what it really is.

Two, the sudden issues in exchanges as well as payroll are symptomatic of the massive liquidity crisis that we are facing. I have illustrated to many over the months the absolute insolvency of the US financial system. I have documented many of the biggest banks in this country are borrowing as little as $10,000 from the FED window as they simply are short and do not have the funds to pay their expenses.

Add all this and the continued bellicose musings/rants from the politicians in this country of now wanting to attack Iran and we can see where this is all going. Whatever manifests in the next few weeks is something that is the progeny of NOT one event but multiple. A flock of Black Swans are looking to nest where an Eagle once flew.This is your last warning–V-