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License Plate Tracking Technology One Step Closer In Connecticut

(Caleb Dishaw) The Activist Post has broken news that the state of  Connecticut has advanced a bill embracing RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips in license plates.

This bill will be a cash cow for the establishment. Enabling  real-time tracking of citizens throughout the state. Origins of this legislation can be traced back to Paul Scully-Power a former astronaut who first proposed this to law makers. Scully-Power  is the CEO of Mikoh Corporation and SensorConnect Inc, both of which sell RFID solutions. Funny, a man who proposes the bill just happens to benefit from this significantly.

The real interest for the bill is to catch people who lapse on their insurance or have an expired registration. Through automated tickets RFID makes photo enforcement systems far more accurate.

I find this to be a horrible idea and one step closer to being followed and tracked 24 hours a day. I am sure many more states will follow if this proves to be profitable and deemed successful. But as we all know this is all part of a bigger plan to control the population through whatever means necessary.