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Black Friday 2012: The Madness of Consumers

(You Tube)  Every year around this time, People are looking around for the hottest deals, the great big sales to shop for that perfect gift either for a Friend, Loved one, or even a Family Member for Christmas.

As A Baby we are introduced into the Consumer Culture, we are introduced into buying new things to make us happy. We are thought that if we just work our butts off, that we can achieve happiness.

Everyone is trying to fill an empty void within themselves with stuff they hardly ever need. A Show called Hoarding Burried Alive from TLC, shows how much of a Disease we all have in hoarding.

To live with a Peace of Mind and total happiness we must let go of our old habits, addictions and even our old beliefs to how we should live. We need to develop a society based off of caring, love, self responsibility and sharing. WE cannot continue down this path because people will suffer greatly from our unwise choices.

To live Happy & Free we must learn to Share our World and the Universe.
Sharing the Planet with one another is Vital to our Survival.


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