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Bloomingdale’s Installs Full Body Scanners In Jeans Department


(Thomas Dishaw)  As “Big Brother” invades every aspect of your life you can now get a full body scan at the airport and  Bloomingdale’s New York location.

The machine dubbed “Me-Ality” is only designed for women (imagine that)  and bounces radio waves off your skin to give you the perfect jean measurement.

Now a few things concern me about Bloomingdale’s  “jean machine”. One, I don’t  like “human microwaves” and second remember all the naked body scanners at the airports?

Is the “jean machine” able to see through clothes?  Do they store your picture in their database forever?  How much radiation does this “human microwave” produce?

To bad the general public doesn’t care and consumers will willfully step in and out of this machine to gobble up useless slave goods in a quest to imitate our Madison Avenue idols.

New York News | NYC Breaking News

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