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How To Boost US GDP: Science Fiction Edition Redux


(Tyler Durden)   When back in February 2012 we first suggested (sarcastically) “A Modest Proposal To Boost US GDP By $852 Quadrillion: Build The Imperial Death Star” which as the title suggested, was a quick and easy way to boost US GDP by $852 quadrillion through ‘building’ the Imperial Death Star (on credit of course – remember: in modern finance, one’s “growth” is only limited by how much debt they can issue), little did we know that this would promptly become a viral campaign which in early 2013 culminated with a White House petition to do just this thing. Unfortunately, since then things have devolved so much that science fiction is rapidly becoming the bedrock of both US fiscal and monetary policy. So as we continue to slide down the rabbit hole of insolvency, in a world of peak absurdity, it only makes sense to revisit some comparable, if smaller scale, ideas that may at least prevent another imminent middle east conflict false flag, seeking solely to boost the US economy. Presenting: space ships.

The chart below, courtesy of Dirk Loechel via is a compilation of (supposedly) all Sci-Fi spaceships known to man. Because if the Death Star project was a bit too ambitious (by a few quadrillion orders of magnitude), perhaps the Department of Commerce, assuming it does not shut down on Monday, could aim a little lower and pick and choose some other fictional object of GDP “growth” – all it would take are a few more trillion in extra debt.

And yes, readers may have guessed that the sole ulterior motive behind this post is merely to present the following magnificent chart proof of peak-nerddom.

Article First read on Zero Hedge