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Boston Globe Tweets “Police Will Have A Controlled Explosion” Hours Before

false flag boston bombing


(Thomas Dishaw) As details of the Boston Marathon bombing become available,  it comes to no surprise that elements of the United States Government were  involved in this tragedy.

At 12:53 pm the Boston Globe Tweets “Police Will Have A Controlled Explosion on the 600 block of Boylston Street” and ironically at 2:50 pm bombs go off at the intersection of  Boylston and Exeter streets.

If you don’t find this fishy you really need to study the oppositions play book. They love using “drills”  and “false flags” to distract other law enforcement groups.  Thus giving them the ultimate cover when pulling off “terror events”.

Let this bombing be a lesson, its open season on your freedom and the ruling powers of the United States will do anything to take that away.  Including blowing up the “Twin Towers” and killing innocent people at a sporting event.


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