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clinton doctor

[10/19/16]  MARTIN WALSH-The Clintons operate like a mob. They run a shady business (the Clinton Foundation) where the front appears to be a well-organized business that does good work, but if you go to the back, you will see all of the corruption and dirty business being done.

Over the course of 30 years, the Clintons have created thousands of enemies. In doing so, we are all well aware of the “Clinton kill list.”

It has been reported that Hillary Clintons doctor, Sandeep Sherlekar, has “died.” Dr. Sherlekar was responsible for treating Hillary Clintons brain injury in December of 2012.

It was ruled that Dr. Sherlekar committed suicide because he was in legal trouble. That is the story the media wants you to believe, but that is a complete lie. There is a clear pattern of foul play leading up to his death, and it should be exposed to the people.

As stated, Dr. Sherlekar treated Hillary Clinton in 2012 when she collapsed, smashed her head on the side of a table, and suffered a concussion. While treating her, it was also determined that Hillary had a brain clot on her brain, as well.

This information is crucial because in 2012, Hillary was eyeing an election run in 2016, and if rumors about her heath and brain injuries were revealed to the public, it would damage her chances of winning the election.

Dr. Sherlekar was devout follower of the Hindu religion. As his patients and coworkers indicated, he was calm, happy, and very much in love with life. It makes no sense for this man to go from being extremely happy and in love with life to killing himself. We are missing something in this story, and the missing clue revolves around the Clintons.

Reports indicate that Hillary’s doctor was an informant between 2012 and 2014. Agents were working to entrap Chief Financial Officer, Vic Wadhwa, of American Spine Center for accepting bribes. At the time, Dr. Sherlekar was also working at the center and knew that Wadhwa received around$459,000 in kickbacks.

Following this investigation, agents turned around and accused Dr. Sherlekar of the same crimes. When Dr. Sherlekar threatened to expose Hillary’s health records, things got bad for him very quickly.

Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State at this time, so she had the perfect opportunity to “get rid of” the man threatening to expose her health records to the public.

Isn’t it very odd that people with information surrounding the Clintons either go missing or mysteriously die? Eventually, we have to realize that all of these deaths are not just coincidental.

What about the recent case of DNC staffer Seth Rich? Rich was rumored, and was almost confirmed by Julian Assange, to have been the source that provided WikiLeaks with all of the information surrounding the DNC and how they rigged the primaries against Bernie Sanders and for Hillary Clinton.

Seth Rich was shot in the back of the head late one evening while walking home. Police ruled it a “robbery,” yet Rich’s family reported that absolutely nothing was missing and that he was not robbed.

Sadly, it is uncertain if we will ever know the truth surrounding this “kill list,” but we know that anyone that gets in the Clintons way becomes an enemy.

One day, she will pay for all of the crimes she has committed. Hopefully, that day is coming soon when President Trump appoints a special prosecutor to formally charge her and put her in prison.