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Congress Moves To Outlaw the Alternative Media


(Dave Hodges)   The mainstream media is not the friend of people seeking the truth.  The media is largely controlled by six corporations representing the same people and corporations which are trying to install the New Worl

I have been a direct victim of these globalist lunatics and this is the story on why, I, a person who had no training as a journalist, subsequently decided to take matters into my own hands and try and make a difference through the use of the pen and the microphone.

Professionally, I teach graduate students how to perform research on their capstone projects as they complete their graduate studies. I also teach psychology and sociology courses. I am a recently retired college  basketball coach.  I had no training nor any desire to ever become a journalist. I have to confess that my activism was forced upon me by the likes of John McCain and his globalist psychopaths.

Nine years ago, I moved to my wonderful country home, 30 miles north of Phoenix, in order to escape the blight of urban living. Shortly after moving into my dream home, the State of Arizona, the corrupt federal government and John McCain, led a coordinated effort to force my community to forfeit our land without compensation.  We had a lot of powerful people lined up against us in the media and in business as well as in politics.

My 300 neighbors, living peacefully on 1-2 acre homes surprisingly chose me to be the spokesperson of group in leading the fight to restore our lost property rights. Initially, the globalists and their mindless servants said that we were in the way of Luke Air Force Base over-flights and we should have never been permitted to move where we did and the globalists were going to use the force of law to move us.  But wait, Luke AFB is 30 miles from our community and they had to fly over a quarter of a million people to reach us and our builder received approval from all entities, including Luke AFB, before building our homes. So, we knew that the globalist excuses which were designed to force us off of our land was a lie. These unsavory people wanted us gone from the land in order to secure our precious resources for which they needed to support their globalist expansion plans.

When the globalists are busy stealing from people, organizations and nations, there are the reasons they use to justify their heinous acts and then there are the real reasons why they engage in their never-ending, felonious assaults upon humanity. What our community leadership soon discovered was that 7 miles to the west of us, a planned North American Union Corridor (i.e. CANAMEX toll road Highway) controlled by Spain’s King Juan Carlos will someday sweep through my area. Seven miles to the east, these globalists were also planning to build a huge infrastructure support system  for the CANAMEX Highway system.  Not so coincidentally, my community sits on the State’s largest underground water aquifer in the Southwest. Subsequently, the John McCain led globalists wanted us off of our land so that they could have access to our rich water resources in support of these globalist projects.  Instead of enforcing eminent domain procedures upon the properties of our community, in which the globalist forces would have had to pay fair compensation under the 5th Amendment, the globalists decided to do what they do so well, steal what they wanted

In violation of our due process rights and without so much as any public notice being issued, the State of Arizona began to secretly consider and pass legislation which would ultimately force most of my community off of our land without compensation. All in the name of pleasing the international banksters, the State passed some very draconian laws which forbade us from repairing our homes after storm damage. We were forbidden to build pools, fences, detached garages, patios, perform roof repairs norcould we build a bar-b-que pit. Most disturbingly, we were not able to rebuild in case a of fire. Oh yes, we would still have to pay our mortgage payments for a house that no longer existed, but we could not rebuild.  This also made us ineligible for insurance reimbursement in the event of a catastrophe. In short, we could build NOTHING, and our homes, over time, became worthless. In 2006, we could not have given our homes away. Interestingly, our  drop in property values never saw a corresponding drop in property taxes which presumably was based upon the assessed value.

I spoke to lawyers far and wide with the hope that they would take our case as I was, at that time, still deluded that our court system still stood for justice. I received a real education when no lawyer would touch our case because they were all afraid of the powerful and corrupt globalist, John McCain. Much of the local media lined up against us calling us unpatriotic and that my community was a ”threat to national security.” In fact, the editorial head of the communist run Arizona Republic newspaper, Venita Hawthorne James, even told us that “for the greater good, we should just get off our land” (without compensation). My community lived through some very dark days and it seemed that the globalists were everywhere and were controlling everyone. Collectively, we lost a lot of sleep during this time.

After many lost battles and many frustrations, I was able to pull the right strings in the Libertarian Party and they subsequently convinced the attorneys at the Goldwater Institute to step in and they stopped the government from forcing us off our land without even needing to file a law suit. Like so many globalists, when you shine the light of day upon their criminal actions, they quickly run for cover.  In short, we won, and we won against all odds. This was a true case of David defeating the globalist Goliath.

In the process of fighting for my community, I appeared on many local and national talk shows.  At some point, I attracted the attention of the late Pete Peterson who owned KBSZ radio in Wickenburg, AZ., and he offered me my own show.  At first, I turned him down because I did not think I possessed the skills to host my own show.  After appearing on his show for the third time, Pete announced on the air, that I was starting my own show the following Sunday.  That same week, Ernie Hancock, owner of the Freedoms Phoenix website, offered me an editor and columnist position with his site.  After Pete sold his station, John Stadtmiller of The Republic Broadcasting Network, offered me a slot on his great network and this is where I am fortunate to broadcasting from today.

When I look back at my life, there was nothing that would suggest that I would ever become a talk show host and I never thought I would become a writer that is read by any more than just a scant few people.  My subsequent message to all of you potential warriors in the liberty movement, is that you don’t have to be extraordinary in skill, but most of all you have to possess a true sense of justice and a courageous spirit and believe wholeheartedly in what you are doing.

Ten years ago, I was unaware of the extent of the globalist de-industrialization and depopulation plans for humanity.  Today, I know that humanity is in for the fight for its collective lives.  I have come to realize that I am having a small impact on waking up and mobilizing some people to action. However, mankind needs all of you who are reading these words to carry the torch of liberty. And for goodness sakes, do not tell me that you cannot do it. If I can do this, anyone can.  For it is only when all of us rise up together to say “no more” to the globalists, will humanity preserve its future.

Please take the first step and use your God-given talent to increase your sphere of influence.  This country needs a 100 million Paul Reveres’ to rise up and warn the rest of our slumbering countrymen about the treacherous roads which lie ahead as we fight for our freedom and ultimately our survival. Do not wait, like I did, until you have a crisis which forces you into the fight. At some point in history, all of us will be called to fight anyway. You might as well make it a fight of your own choosing. DO IT NOW!!

If your heart is in the right place, divine circumstances will show you a way that you can use your talents in order to further the cause of liberty. When that moment arrives, as it is for so many other like minded Americans, you will soon realize that you are where you are in relationship to our fight,  not because of your talent and an omnipresent need to satisfy your ego’s need for attention, but you will come to realize that you have been placed in this position by powerful spiritual forces and ultimately circumstances beyond your control. As result, you will develop a self-awareness that you are part of a special mission for which your creator has chosen for you to perform.

As we witness the rising tide of our liberty movement which has already begun, I cannot wait for the day when our efforts culminate in a counter-critical tsunami which will sweep across the planet and will result in the taking back of our rightful heritage from those who have temporarily absconded with our fortunes, our freedoms and the collective future of humanity. You can start by simply convincing one person per day that their lives depends on their participation. This movement does not have to totally consume your life. However, it does require a regular time investment. Please do it now, because evil never takes a holiday and mankind already has its back up against the wall and ultimately, your life, and the lives of your loved ones depends upon your participation.

This story was first seen on The Common Sense Show