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Cuccinelli: McAuliffe ‘a Threat to Liberty’

(Tony Lee) On Breitbart News Sunday on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125, Virginia Republican Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli said a Terry McAuliffe administration in Virginia would be a “threat to liberty.” He urged Virginians to “send Washington a message” by voting against McAuliffe on Tuesday.

Cuccinelli mentioned that McAuliffe did not think Obamacare went far enough when he advocated a public option and said President Barack Obama’s appearance in Virginia on Sunday on behalf of McAuliffe was a “blessing” because it brought a “crystal-clear focus to Obamacare in Virginia and what a disaster that is.”

“He wants more of this,” Cuccinelli said of McAuliffe and Obamacare.

Cuccinelli mentioned Democrats in Virginia that now want to force doctors to take Medicare patients. He said this is going to be the next step in the healthcare battle, and “this is what you get with someone like a McAuliffe.”

“This is a threat to liberty,” Cuccinelli said. “This is a denial of liberty.”

Cuccinelli urged listeners to volunteer and help get his message out to Virginians on Monday and Tuesday, reiterating that the commonwealth should “send Washington a message that Virginians say ‘No’ to Obamacare.” He said his campaign was continuing to recruit volunteers in the final days of the race. He also mentioned that McAuliffe is being financed by Michael Bloomberg, who wants more gun control, and radical California environmentalists.

Article Appeared First On Breitbart News