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DHS Helping To Coordinate New York Gun Confiscation

(Mr Conservative) After Sandy Hook, the New York legislature went on a bill-enacting frenzy that ended with its being the first in the nation to pass extremely strict gun control laws.

The laws restrict magazine sizes and weapon types, impose confusing and prohibitive restrictions on gun sales and purchases; and, under the guise of preventing the mentally ill from getting weapons, are being used to persecute America’s veterans.

In a partnership from Hell, the Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”), which has been on a weapons buying binge the likes of which is unheard of for a non-military government agency, is now working with New York to confiscate guns.

According to New York state talk radio host Tom Bauerle, several sources inside the New York state government have told him that the DHS is actively working with New York to come up with and carry out plans for seizing citizens’ guns. This report comes shortly after it was revealed that the DHS was collecting data about gun owners in Missouri.

One could shrug this story off and say that its simply increases efficiency when government agents work together. If that’s true, that’s the last reason to shrug this off: We don’t want the government to become more efficient at violating our Second Amendment rights and confiscating our guns.

What magnifies this problem is that these individual states are partnering with a federal government organizing that is busy buying enough weapons to create its own private army – and, moreover, an army that has a mandate to fight on American soil. Unlike the U.S. Army, which is prohibited by the Posse Comitatus Act from fighting on U.S. soil to enforce U.S. laws, there’s no legal doctrine to stop Janet Napolitano’s private army from attacking American citizens who allegedly violate Obama’s laws. Moreover, by working with the various states to hyper-enforce their increasingly unconstitutional gun control laws, Napolitano is ensuring that there are no citizen fighters who can stop her either.

(Learn more about the lies the DHS has been telling about its weapons and equipment purchases; DHS claims about unlimited access to your private information and valuables; and thesecret emails showing that the DHS views Christians as “hate groups.”)

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