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Feds Plan To Murder 3,600 Owls To Manipulate The Food Chain

(J.G. Vibes)  The government is planning a mass kill off of an owl species to stifle competition in the animal kingdom.  The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service is the agency responsible for the plan, and they are calling their murderous project a “limited experimental removal”.

According to a statement released by the agency, their reason for killing these owls is because “Habitat loss and competition from recently arrived barred owls (are) the most pressing threats to the northern spotted owl.”

In other words, the feds are killing one species of owl to apparently save another, but whether the plan will work or backfire is uncertain.

According to NBC the specifics of the plan are as follows:

“All lethal removal should be done by shotgun of 20 gauge or larger bore, using non-toxic lead substitute (e.g., Hevi-shot) shot. Lead shot should not be used. Rifles, pistols, or other firearms or methods are not authorized under this protocol. We recommend using a shotgun with a full choke.”

The impact statement, which notes that “even a small-scale removal is objectionable to some,” includes seven pages outlining the ethical considerations of the agency’s decision. It says the Fish & Wildlife Service even hired an outside ethicist “to help us explore ethical questions and concerns about barred owl removal.”

The agency has been attempting to launch this project for almost a decade, but backlash from environmentalist have prevented their plan from ever taking form.  Now with a renewed effort the agency is just one step away from getting approval, despite the public controversy on the subject.

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