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FEMA Region 3: Wake Up Before It’s To Late

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(Susan Duclos)  Even with no words said, just pointing the recent news of the mass drills palnned, specifically the power grid drill, the recent FEMA alert for region 3, the stockpiling of MREs, water, antibiotics,. the missing, unsigned nukes from Texas, the Russian troops on American soil and more, the possible scenarios are chilling.

When looked at separately, there are always possible explanations but when seen all together as a big picture scenario, it is reasonable to ask if there isn’t going to be a major false flag attack on America that our government is preplanning for, and to further ask ourselves, what is the endgame?

Martial law? A step towards the  NWO endgame of making the sheep of the country welcome a police state as our “salvation,” by creating a crisis to justify taking away our liberties, all in our “best interest?”

Anything is possible in this day and age and we would be smart to question everything.

This story was first seen on Before It’s News

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