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Fukushima Leak Causing Worries


(Anne Thompson)  Japan is still recovering from the earthquake and catastrophic tsunami that did terrifying damage to the Fukushima Nuclear Power plant. With radiation continuing to leak into the Pacific the Japanese government is planning to spend a half a billion dollars to contain the disaster.
Ken Buesseler, Senior Scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution: The expectation is with the increased flow from the groundwater and some of those leaky tanks, the levels will now start increasing in some of those marine organisms that we’re sampling

He will test for a radioactive isotope called strontium. If it gets into the bones of fish it could pose a health risk to people who eat them […] other countries are worried.

That’s probably one way to put it. It seems like they can’t think of another way to keep the water levels down.

This article first appeared @ ene news