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Fukushima Radiation Levels Strong Enough To Kill You In 4 Hours

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(Blind Bat)  Radiation levels continue to skyrocket at the deadly Fukushima Daiichi nuke plant.  Tokyo Electric Power Company officials say there has been a huge increase, about 18 times greater, in radiation readings coming from a leaky water tank.

The tank was last checked on 22 August 2013.  Today it is reading 18-thousand millisieverts per hour, TEPCo officials say this level can kill a person in 4 hours!

TEPCo also reported a leaky pipe, connecting storage tanks.  The puddle of water under the pipe has 230 millisieverts per hour of contamination.  This is more evidence that there are many unaccounted for leaks still to be discovered (there are more than 900 storage tanks, and growing since they have to build new ones to store the ongoing water leaks from the reactors).

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