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(THE NUCLEAR PROCTOLOGIST)   Day 18 on the beaches we hit Pine Island off the north east top of Vancouver Island and several other islands in a 75 km 7 hour trip .We stayed out till dark it took about 80 minutes to ride back with a full moon hid behind the heavy rain clouds . We still only found just a small handful of kelp and algae out of 600 known species . We have to hunt to find any species to take a picture of . The chances of finding the same species anywhere else is tiny we still never seen any sea cucumbers or sea squirts or sea fans or large snails or rocks full of snails and limpets etc etc or life in tidal pools . Underwater life is clinging for the time being but we are not even trying to stop fukushima the homeless are but they can,t read or write .

Out of 70 species of sea anemones we have found 5 species collectively throughout the coast lines but only 2 species on these Islands today and they are very few and very random . The white sea anemones adults are still missing off the rocks along the shore line around the BC Canadian coast but how interesting we found baby white sea anemones in Browning Pass, on rocks for 300 ft out of the water , yet we never seen white sea anemones anywhere else out of water like they use to be for millions of years pre Fukushima .

We see all along Vancouver island coast line only 5 species of star fish out of 64 known local species that were everywhere pre Fukushima . Did you know Fukushioma really happened and the Jet Streams are real,  yea go figure .Did you know that three reactor are bleeding and hemorrhaging into the pacific ocean 24/7 – 365 days a year and that the media and nuclear crazy apologist use numbers from a single release from a single reactor and have never included the ongoing massive plumes pouring into the sea every freaking day and into the jet stream from three 100% melt downs and melt outs all day every day unrelenting .

While the nuclear gatekeepers stab the whole planet in the head for a few more pay checks before it all come out that Fukushima really did happen, I know right   . The jokers who claim nuclear is harmless and that the ocean is fine are the most disgusting heartless monsters the world has ever seen . That includes Jay Cullen from UVic BC who got a 6 figure grant to have town-hall meetings to tell people radiation is like a banana so do not worry . Same as Woods Hole researchers are doing , its hard to imagine something more evil .

I see the Public relation nuclear fleas are biting everything good and peeing themselves whenever we post pictures of BC tidal pools that are empty . This is the same inbreed group of maggots who said a banana was more radioactive than nuclear waste to children for decades . The new one is life never existed on the BC coast line and that is why there is no life in the tidal pools . BC coast line doesn,t get crushed by thick pack ice every-year like the east coast where 1000s of miles of ice scrub the Atlantic coast line bare . The ocean itself is a soup of life and will seed every scrap of shoreline with life it encounters when the ice recedes in spring and life from deeper will crawl up and fill every crevice , if you sink a ship it will turn into a smorgasbord of life because that is how the ocean use to works  .

In BC life accumulates in every millimeter of its 26,000 km shore line , after all it was the nursery of the ocean  . The B..C entire coast lines biodiversity is well known because all university’s have spent millions and millions and millions categorizing and counting the species around BC coast lines for decades  many times over . I guess that is why the nuclear apologist now say my pictures do not mean anything because people might just go to the BC university’s and look for those easy to find surveys in BC university’s library’s .

I can only wonder at what point of extinction will it take before the world cares because by the looks of it the only ones who reject fukushima is real are the ones with the most to lose like the filthy maggot apologist for the nuclear industry that have infested every aspect of university’s and media . These people know the difference their job is to attack the truth and cover up the death of the pacific ocean . All nuclear scientist and apologist will be hated for ever and ever for being the very definition of vicious malicious monsters in their loved ones eyes .