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Immortal Technique Comments On Monsanto Protection Act, Calls It “A Disgrace”

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(Danielle Harling)  Immortal Technique refers to the newly-signed Monsanto Protection Act as being “damaging to America.”

Harlem rapper Immortal Technique was quick to voice his opinion on the Monsanto Protection Act during a recent interview with Hard Knock TV, and even referred to the Act as being both “a disgrace” and “a human rights abuse.”

“That’s a disgrace. It should be a human rights abuse,” said Technique when asked about the Act. “It should be banned. They really want to control the food industry in general. And I think what’s disgusting about them is that – Listen, we know Monsanto and their parent companies have given the Obama administration money.”

The Monsanto Protection Act orders the Department of Agriculture to turn a blind eye when it concerns federal court decisions that would ban the use of genetically engineered seed. The name of the Act stems from the Missouri-based Monsanto Company, a billion-dollar corporation that is known for producing genetically engineered seed.

Immortal Technique further spoke on the Obama administration and revealed that the people should not be so easily swayed due to what President Obama symbolizes.

“I understand and I know the type of commitment that certain individuals have to the Obama administration. They think that under a Republican administration they would have never gotten any acknowledgement on gay rights,” Technique explained. “I know that there are people that are 40, 50, 60, and they black and they grew up in a completely different America. They couldn’t even picture a black president… We live in a slightly different America in a lot of places, but I know that people support him because he symbolizes that for them. But I remind people that the only reason he signed that Monsanto shit is not out of the kindness of his heart, but because they lobbied him and gave him money…And that takes away from the credibility of this country and that’s damaging to America.”

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