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Leading Black Democrat Elijah Cummings Threatens Planned Parenthood Whistleblowers

elijah cummings

(David Daleidon)  George Mason University professor Walter Williams believes the cultural and social pathology we see in our society today came about because of ‘the failure of previous generations to pass down the customs, traditions, rules of etiquette and moral values that were the result of generations of accrued wisdom’.

He’s probably correct.

One of those failures is the complete lack of human regard when it comes to the selling of baby body parts. Another failure is the apathy of Americans over the targeting of those with whom the elite disagree.

Both of those failures have come together in an all-out assault on The Center for Medical Progress, the organization that exposed the cold, calculating attitudes of the Planned Parenthood leadership and their affiliates.

The IRS and Justice Department aren’t investigating Planned Parenthood or their affiliates though they might very well have broken the law and even committed infanticide, but they are investigating The Center for Medical Progress over whether they recorded within the law and whether they edited the tapes inappropriately.

Editing is a crime now?

Planned Parenthood is contemplating a lawsuit against them as well.

The Democrats opened up an investigation into The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) right after the last video which seemed to present prima facie evidence that Planned Parenthood is committing infanticide.

In a four-page letter, Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), ranking Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, asked CMP for a list of information, including copies of all its video and audiotapes.

Cummings’ letter says that the videos “implicate Center for Medical Progress and its affiliates in potentially unlawful activities” by secretly recording Planned Parenthood.

CMP’s leader David Daleidon has repeatedly said they followed all applicable laws in recording and that appears to be an accurate statement.

Rep. Cummings doesn’t think it necessary to look into the possibility that Planned Parenthood is committing infanticide or that they are illegally selling baby body parts.

The excuse that seems to justify all this is that the tissue and organs are used for research. Dr. Mengele undoubtedly thought the same.

Where is the outrage from Americans?

Elijah Cummings actively persecuted Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote but she’s fighting back and has sued him at great personal cost. Cummings has tremendous power. He’s the man who insists we need a police czar.

Cummings has protected government agents who targeted conservatives. He is a statist who would see all power rest with the state. If he were the only member of Congress like that it would be one thing, but there are plenty more just like him.

Elijah Cummings won’t investigate Hillary Clinton and he protected Lois Lerner. He won’t investigate the former DA in Wisconsin who targeted innocent Americans misusing the John Doe laws. He will, however, investigate political opponents.

The unlawful selling of baby body parts has been going on for years. There were cases of illicit sales in the 1990’s but no one cared. There was a brief media uproar and then it was over. No one paid a price and the public was apathetic as they are now.