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McCain Caught Playing Poker On His iPhone During Syrian Senate Meeting

(Unlawful News)  So how much do these sick bastards in Washington care about the lives of our troops? Not even enough to pay attention during the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing about the potential use of military force in Syria.

Senator John McShame (McCain), was pictured playing video poker on his iPhone during today’s hearing. Apparently screwing around and playing games on his iPhone is more important than the lives of the troops that he and President Obama are trying to send into Syria.


Picture courtesy of the Washington Post, who thankfully reported on what they saw.

After being called out by the Washington Post, the Warmonger John McCain joked about it on his Twitter Account.

So three hours was to long to pay attention huh? What about the troops who will spend a lot more time, in far greater danger, who you’re voting to send into harms way? Are they not worth your undivided attention?

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