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Media Attacks Assad as Terrorists Attack Civilians

(Brandon Turbeville)  As the Syrian Easter celebration began to draw to a close, residents of Aleppo were met with rocket attacks that were apparently aimed at killing civilians. The attacks, which took place in government-held territory, were the result of Nusra/ISIS terrorists funded by the West to overthrow the secular government of Bashar al-Assad.

Syrian news reporters were on the ground shortly after the attacks so as to catch footage of victims being excavated from the rubble and others being treated for their wounds at the hospital.

Sources inside Syria have described the missiles that hit the Aleppo building as being much more advanced than those previously used by the terrorists, describing the result of their impact causing the building to “split in half.” This has led many to believe that the terrorists operating in Aleppo have been provided with weaponry that is much more sophisticated and powerful than that which they have been provided in the past.

Indeed, when one views the footage posted on Syrian media of the destroyed building, the description suggesting that the building was “split in half” is quite accurate. From the footage, what appears to be an apartment building has been cut in half from top to bottom with both sides still standing.

Many residents interviewed by Syrian media claimed that the death squad terrorists were targeting them for supporting the government or, at the very least, not supporting the jihadists.

The area in which the missile struck had been under terrorist bombardment leading up to the incident and resulted in the deaths of a number of people, estimated from 17 to upwards of 40 people.

While the intentional targeting of civilians on behalf of the Western-backed terrorists was virtually unreported in the Western media, another incident has received somewhat more press.

On Sunday, a school was destroyed in Aleppo, allegedly killing 5 children and four adults,according to reports by Reuters. The Saad Al-Ansari school was located in Al-Mashad neighborhood, a terrorist-controlled area.

Of course, the Western press has immediately jumped to the conclusion that the bombing was conducted by the Assad government. However, it should be pointed out that the sole source for the report suggesting even that the school was bombed is the discredited pro-death squad organizationcalled the Syrian Observatory For Human Rights (SOHR), which is essentially one man scouring the Internet and living in the UK. The SOHR Director and Founder, Rami Abdelrahman has launched propaganda attacks alongside NATO governments and against the Syrian government since the beginning of the crisis and is admittedly bankrolled by an unnamed European country. For that reason alone, it is enough to wonder whether or not the claims regarding the bombing of the school are entirely accurate.

In addition, it must be pointed out that schools in Syria have been closed for some time as a result of the Easter holiday and that Sunday would have seen no children in attendance to begin with. So even if the Assad government had bombed the building, the intention of slaughtering children as the Western press has attempted to report it was clearly not present.

Corporate media would have Americans believe that the SAA deliberately targeted children for whatever reason, despite the fact that such an act would be extremely counterproductive to their cause both in terms of domestic and international public relations.

Although the SOHR circulated a video which, it claims, is proof of the attack (the video allegedly shows the aftermath of the bombing with a man holding the severed leg of a child and rescue workers carrying away a body covered in a sheet), it should be remembered that atrocities committed in Syria have long been blamed on Assad only to later be revealed that the war crimes had been committed by the death squad terrorists. From chemical weapons attacks to the infamous Houla massacre, there has been a concerted effort to portray Assad not only as the enemy but as a ruthless butcher of civilians. However, 5 years on, there has yet to be a shred of credible evidence to suggest that the SAA or the Assad government has intentionally targeted civilians.

With all of this in mind, the propaganda regarding the alleged school bombing by the SAA is most likely yet another attempt to gin up support for NATO action against the Syrian government in much the same way it was used when the Western press attempted to exploit an unintentional (at worst) bombing of a school building in May, 2014.

For this reason, we must remember the fabricated stories repeated ad nauseum regarding Assad’s alleged atrocities only to later find that it was the Western-backed death squads who were responsible.

In the end, we must observe these events from a logical standpoint and always take whatever comes from NATO media outlets with a large grain of salt. More importantly, we must always remember that it is the United States, Israel, NATO, and the GCC who are ultimately responsiblefor the tragedy of the Syrian crisis. It is the leadership of these countries and the deep state pockets within their governmental, corporate, and banking structure that must be held responsible.