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Milwaukee Police Purchase Massive Tank To Patrol Streets

milwaukee police tank

(Thomas Dishaw)  With the recent news of the  DHS Purchasing  2,700 light-armored tanks and the countless ammunition buys  made by many different factions of the Government, it should come as no surprise that feds and local municipalities are preparing for something big.

What is it? I’m not sure. I don’t even think the Government knows what they are preparing for.

Milwaukee  Police have  pre-dated the feds by purchasing a gigantic tank to patrol the mean streets of Wisconsin.

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This is something you see in a monster truck show,a third world country or the old rural Michigan wastelands I grew up in as a kid.  But seriously what is this used for?  Besides intimidation, the upcoming food riots  or the arrest of bloggers like myself, I can’t really pin point many uses.  It’s not economical to chase speeders and write tickets in a tank,  and I’m sure it’s not fiscally responsible to spend that kind of money on a  tank when most States, Cities and County’s are broke.

I guess the only logical conclusion is it’s all for us! All 2,700 hundred plus tanks, the millions of rounds of ammo the Government is stockpiling, the drones patrolling the sky… Only to see our liberties being destroyed day by day.

Only an idiot would think the Government is here to protect us. Its looking like they are preparing to kill us.

Don’t we all love a good conspiracy?


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