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New Conspicuous Characters Caught In Boston Bombing Aftermath

(Truth Stream Media)  A lot of people have already questioned why a now-infamous man was filming the Boston Marathon finish line when the bombs went off and then ran toward the first explosion, even though he would have had no way to tell if another bomb could go off.

Now, pictures taken just down the street from where the first bomb blasted near the finish line raise similar concerns.

We analyzed a set of 150 photos and began to notice some strange patterns in the crowd response after the bombs went off. Earlier, Truthstream Media reported that Boston emergency managers were spotted near the scene of the explosion, apparently conducting a “mass casualty” terrorism exercise that coincided with the real attacks.

(Please note, the photographs shown below have been enhanced only for levels, brightness, and contrast to bring out more details or to see better through the bomb’s smoke.)

1. Quick to Leave


The subject of this slideshow is a woman in a white windbreaker with a red baseball cap and ponytail wearing blue latex gloves and Nike tennis shoes with orange soles. She has a black backpack. Though she appears in the same clothing as other medical workers at the event, she soon sheds her white windbreaker to reveal another jacket underneath and disappears from the scene.

Though not included in the slideshow, this woman can be seen bending over this woman (below) in a puffy blue coat on the ground with an ID badge in her back pocket.

The woman appears as if injured, and her puffy blue coat sleeve has been torn and stuffing is coming out.The lady in the white windbreaker and red cap is holding her leg in that second slide.

The cameraman takes a couple shots across the street before going back to her again. By this time, the lady is standing over another man in a yellow jacket who appears to be injured and they seem to be talking.

Shortly after that, the woman with the ponytail stands up and takes off her white windbreaker, changing looks before she exits the scene. She is not there before the 4:11:43 marathon mark that we can see, and the clock is being taken down in the last slide at 4:14 and some change.

She is there for a grand total of less than three minutes, talks to two apparent victims (touching one’s apparently injured leg), and then just abruptly changes, exits the scene into one of the storefronts and is not seen again.

2. Immediately taking pictures.



This guy in a grey hoodie and yellow vest (like many worn by onscene camera crews) seems to already be snapping off pictures at where the bomb went off without skipping a beat while everyone else appears dazed and distracted by the bomb going off. He has two backpacks with him, and in the first pic his face is almost completely covered up by his hoodie. For a second in the second pic, his face briefly appears and he has a rather odd expression on it. Then he grabs his two backpacks and jumps the fence. He snaps more pictures, disappears for a bit apparently exiting to the right of what’s in view, then he seemingly comes back without the bags to take a few more pictures before exiting the other way.

Is this a possible indication of prior knowledge, or just a lucky shot of the key moment?

3. Showed up with a tourniquet already?



This is another bizarre series of photos. This lady in black wearing sunglasses on her head comes out of the neighboring Sweetgreen eatery at 4:10:26 on the marathon clock, approximately 24-26 seconds after the first bomb went off. She already has a white (possibly another white windbreaker?) jacket or clothing item tied around her right leg like a tourniquet when she comes out of the café. She walks up on the scene lugging a big gold purse.

She leans in over victims, then turns to possibly say something to the women near the railing, then trails to the back of the group. A man in a red jacket comes over to “help” her, and they walk off down toward the back to look on. As she appears not to have any blood on her and she can walk okay on her own, it is unclear why the man in red would leave the scene to give her aid when there appear to be numerous victims who are much worse off than this woman.

Since the photographs show she walked out of the restaurant already wearing the tourniquet nearly half a minute after the bomb went off, it is almost certain that she could not have gotten injured by it because she was not on the scene at that time.

Something is not right with this story.

Lingering Questions…

This is just a smattering of bizarre scenes that occurred directly after the first Boston Marathon bomb went off, and they leave way more questions than answers in their wake.

First of all, if someone comes on scene and “treats” two patients, why isn’t she talking to the EMTs or law enforcement and sticking around to give testimony on what she witnessed or at least help others giving aid to track patients’ status? A major crime just occurred and she just hurriedly looks at two people, interacts briefly with them, then changes jackets and leaves?

Same goes to the guy in the hoodie. He got first shot footage from directly across the street immediately after the bomb went off. He likely has pertinent evidence that will give authorities information on this crime scene, but instead he takes off. Was the video aired? Which station did he work for?

Finally, the lady with the gold purse appears to have a tourniquet on before she even exits the restaurant near the bomb site and after the bombs already went off, then walks right into a crime scene and looks around like it’s a museum exhibit, then she gets “help” and leaves again.

If the photos have captured this woman’s action accurately, they should raise compelling and disturbing questions about what really happened at the marathon, and how far the deception goes.

Also, how does she or any of these individuals know another bomb won’t go off? Instead of fleeing the scene of the explosion, many victims and helpers make no effort to get away, but instead wait to be slowly processed by first responders.

While nothing remotely close to full details have been discovered or released about the situation that went down at the Boston Marathon, these first photographs posted by Flickr member Hahatango are definitely worthy of further analysis. There is a whole lot going on in the four minutes following the first bomb exploding that needs to be explained, and this is just one set of photos from one photographer.

We have merely tried to raise some of the relevant questions, as there is ample overlapping evidence that a mass-casualty drill was taking place at or around the time of the bombing. These people’s actions may be relevant to uncovering who was behind these drills and what their connection, if any, might be to those who carried out the attack.

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