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New Evidence Leads To “Mysterious Bag Woman” At Boston Bombing

(DomCar 18)  What if these Chechen bastards didn’t do it?

This bombshell information was discovered by Kurt Richard Haskell.

WOW here is the REAL Bomber, i’m telling you people this is the real deal you will be surprised who did the bombing, it was a women, all the pictures are below you can see her against the fence holding a tan/brown purse next to the mail box, then she is gone and the brown/tan purse is dropped on the ground at the exact location the bomb went off.

Kurt Richard Haskell discovered something last night that I think may be important. Here are some pics of the second bombing site, these are in time line order.

If I was better with computers I would fix these pics to circle what I am talking about and delete the other notations: (See photo at bottom of note, edited after posting)(Approximately 1 hour before detonation)

Note the lady with black hair, sunglasses, white sweater. She is to the right and behind the trash bin. She appears to be alone. Later, instead of moving straight up to the fence, she proceeds around it to the right. This point is nothing major. Ignore the arrow here.


Notice that the lady has moved up to very close to where the 2nd bomb detonated. She is holding what appears to be a purse(?) Nothing is on the ground in front of her. Lu Lingzi can be seen over this woman’s left shoulder. Lu Lingzi died at the scene. Lu Lingzi’s friend can be seen to the back and left of Lu Lingzi.  Ignore the circles here.

Note the plastic bag now in front of the brown bag woman.

. Note that the brown bag lady has left, however, her bag can now be seen on top of the white bag.

Again, ignore the circles and the pic on the right.

The brown bag lady is still gone, but the bags are still there.

Boston Bombing: The Official Story Proves Dzhokhar Is Innocent – a Photo Essay

See the third picture down. This is the pic the government says shows the Chechneyan dropping a bomb at the site in his backpack. Note the location of the supposed drop, approximately 3 feet behind the fence and next to the tree. Also, in this pic, we see Martin Richard, one of the deceased, circled in blue. To Martin’s right is his mother Denise. To his left, is his sister Jane. To Janes left is brother Henry. Behind Jane, is their father, Bill. Bill and Henry were not hurt in the blast. Denise suffered a brain injury and Jane lost a leg.

It was reported that this family just came from getting ice cream when the blast occurred, so this pic is very close to detonation time. Note that four of them are close to the fence and are leaning forward. Bill is backward a bit. The younger two kids are sticking their legs between the fence. Henry is merely leaning on it and likely stood up straight before the blast. The younger kids with their more entrenched positions, would likely have remained in such positions at detonation time. Denise is farthest to the right. Lu Lingzi and her friend are just to the right of this pic and not seen. Note Bill’s close proximity to the tree, where the government says the bomb was located. Due to their positioning in this photo, it is most likely that the shrapnel flew from a right to left direction along the front of the fence line. Note Jane’s protruding leg.


This is the most important pic. Note that there is no damage to the right of the trash bin. If the bomb was next to the tree, there would be widespread damage to the area to the right of the trash bin (just behind the fence lined up directly with next to the tree) Also, note that it appears there are no injured between the trash bin and the tree although this is difficult to say as it is blurred in that area. It appears that the plastic bag and brown bag are gone. Note that the fence to the left has fallen on some victims. A blast from the right and behind it (tree area) would likely have spun that piece of fence in a clockwise direction or bent it around the sign post. Neither happened. It fell in the opposite direction. The middle piece of fencing is missing and was likely removed when the first responders appeared (Thrown in the street?). Two to three bars of the piece of the fence near the trash bin remain.

Note that in the second pic above, the plastic bag sits between bars 2-6 of the fence that sit to the left of the trash bin. The rest of this fence piece obviously took quite a blast. It appears that the tree is not damaged. Note that there are powder burns on the trash bin. These occur only very close to an explosion. At site one, deceased victim Krystle Campbell had such black marks on her low back indicating her proximity to the blast.

Note that the powder burns only exist at THE FRONT HALF OF THE LEFT SIDE (Look very closely) of the trash bin. Thus, the blast would have come from very near the trash bin and in front of it to the left. Lu’s fatal wound was to her neck indicating an upward blast. It was of such a sever force that it killed her instantly. Thus, she very likely could have been leaning over the bomb when it detonated.

It is likely that when brown bag lady left the scene, Lu and her friend would have moved up into brown bag lady’s previous spot noted in the pictrues above. In the prior pic of Lu and her firend, her friend stood to the back and to the right of Lu. Such a position at detonation time is consistent with the injuries to Lu’s friend, which were only to her left abdomen. Lu’s body would have blocked her friend from the blast if the blast occurred in front of Lu/slightly to her right side.

Draw your own conclusions, but this evidence, to me, indicates that the blast came from the exact location of the plastic bag and the brown bag placed on top of it and NOT from back and by the tree as the government has told us. Thus, this evidence, in my opinion, makes brown bag lady suspect #1 and clears white hat Chechneyan as a suspect.


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