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New Flu Vaccine Contains Adjuvant Linked to Gulf War Illness


(Erin Elizabeth)  After the failure of flu vaccines over the past seasons, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new flu vaccine with an adjuvant added to try the coming season. The new ingredient added has been criticized as unsafe and even linked to a widely reported serious illness in recipients.

Known as Squalene, the oil-based adjuvant is claimed to boost immunity. And while it has been used in European vaccines, in the US, it has been restricted in use. The reason is most probably thereported adverse effects, like autoimmune diseases cause din lab animals on which the vaccine was tested.

The most serious and well-known of these effects is the condition called Gulf War Syndrome – after the illness of the veterans of first Gulf War of the early 90s. The war vets had (and have) no say in what goes into their bodies if it comes from the commanders.

One fourth of the war vets in the Gulf wars experienced the illness characterized by chronic fatigue, muscle aches and pain, and a range of cardiovascular, neurologic, and respiratory problems as well as psychological issues like depression and sleep issues like insomnia. Research found strong link to anthrax vaccine administered to the military personnel in these wars.

Now the same Squalene-carrying flu vaccine has been approved for civilian use and the officials say clinical trials have found it safe. It is important to beware of two things: first, the risks of vaccines (all of them), and second, the lies of officials (all of them). Remember you can avoid getting damaged by saying no and thoroughly investigating the untold side of the “safe and ok for public” story dishes out by the officials.

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