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Now, It’s Illegal To Be A Punk Rocker; Belt With Fake Bullets Leads To Arrest In Boston

(Brian Maloney)   Luckily, he wasn’t in possession of Dukes of Hazzard toys, or one Boston-area man might really be in trouble!

What 26-year-old Kevin Young of Watertown failed to recognize is just how quickly times are changing, as it’s now no longer okay to be an ordinary punk rocker.

Not only was his “replica ammunition” belt enough to incite “panic” on a bus Friday afternoon, but police noted he was “wearing what was described as spiked fighting gloves and spiked leather bracelets,” according to the Boston Police Department’s official website.


In other words, Young dressed like millions of guys did in 1982, but nobody ever thought to call the police on that basis alone.

According to the MBTA Transit Police, Young was arrested and taken into custody, with a charge of disorderly conduct, after he exited the bus and seen walking down a nearby road. There’s no indication he behaved in a threatening manner or said a word to anyone.

Earlier this afternoon, charges were dropped, with the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office telling local media “based on the totality of circumstances, however, including confirmation that the cartridges on said belt could not and weren’t intended to be fired, prosecutors dismissed the charges at arraignment in Brighton Municipal Court.”