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Rumors have gained a bit of credibility after it was leaked that Obama was keeping a list of people to be round up and arrested in times of martial law.  Those on the list—some 8 million names—will be placed into FEMA camps so not to further disrupt the peace.

This list isn’t actually anything new, as it was leaked during the Bush administration.  Of course liberals persecuted Bush for keeping such a list insisting that Democrats would never think of American’s in such a way.  As it turns out this isn’t entirely true.

Not only is Obama keeping the list and has updated it since he was elected into office, it has been around since the 1980’s.  That’s right, this list is a bi-partisan effort to violate the rights of American’s in a preemptive way on the basis that they are a threat to the government.

That being said, it is unclear on what exactly gets your name on the list—could be a criminal past or even political leanings.

The list is called the Main Core and it is stored in a database on government servers.

Several conspiracy nuts have developed theories as to just how the government is going to go about arresting those on the list.  In several heavily populated areas though, residents are noticing a strange occurrence—odd colored dots appearing on their mailboxes.

As it turns out there are three colors representing the intentions of the government regarding you and your family.

They have been noted to come in only three colors; red, blue and yellow.  Red resembles the fact that a veteran, conservative, or public political figure lives in the residence—these are said to be executed on the spot.

If your mailbox has a blue sticker on it, it is said that you are similar to the red stickers but have a more manipulative personality.  In essence, you are a follower and will be taken to a FEMA camp and “re-educated.”

Lastly, if you have a yellow sticker, this represents no threat and will be allowed to remain free.  These are the people that agree with the government in its current state and don’t have a problem with them doing what they want.

So what do you think—is the government already prepared for the martial law they will enact under illegal proceedings? Let us know in a comment below!