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Obama’s Son: 20 Trayvon Martin Tweets The MSM Won’t Show You


(Thomas Dishaw)  There are always two sides to a story.

We will never know what really happened on the tragic night George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin.  It’s a terrible loss for both families, one by the way of  life  and the other a living hell on earth.

The one thing that does concern me is the mainstream medias portrayal of Trayvon Martin.  Yes, we were all young once and make terrible decisions by the way we act and talk, but the race baiting media continued to portray Trayvon as a “choir boy.” What happened to the fair and balanced reporting these news outlets swear by?

Honestly I’m glad this distraction is over so we can focus on real issues again.  Don’t get me wrong Trayvon’s life was not worthless, but kids die everyday and the media just used this event to divide the nation  even further.  Judical Watch even released documents that caught the  Government funding protesters after Trayvons murder. Now if that’s not the ingredients for a race war, what is?

Below are 20 Trayvon Marin Tweets the mainstream media wouldn’t show you

RT @ReesyyLaTootieB: Hahaha Hoe u got USED fa yo loose ass p*ssy.! Tighten up.! #Literally

RT @fukunurhoexxx: #youthetype of b*tch that give up your p*ssy for free and think its cool #p*ssyaintfree #fb

RT @TheSoleManSB: We in need of some trees … Wea tha weed man

RT @MisunderstoodC_: Get high to balance out the lows

RT @___xMaxDee: I got game for you young hoes, don’t grow to be a dumm hoe

RT @Bombshelll_: “@La_VidaBella: I’ll beat the pu**sy up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up”

RT @iTeachSEXOLOGY: d*ck slipping out when you got her in doggy? Either u trying to long stroke wit a short d*ck or she need to arch tha …

RT @Mitchell_Garcia: I’ll slap a girl if she said suck my toes wtf, she must be giving some great dome
for some sh*t like that òÕ òÕ òÕ

RT @ThatBitchJenny_: A f*ck n*gga is FOREVER a f*ck n*gga! Fu*ck ‘em!

RT @iAmCartoonFYF: 6 Pound 7 Pound 8 Pound #KUSH

RT @GrandadJFreeman: You know you high AF when you stop at a stop sign and wait for it to turn green


RT @KissMeEndlessly: puss ass crackas .

RT @TheyHATEShAHeED: Its crazy how i was jus pissed off,snappin…then i im happy:) ha

RT @stillblazingtho: If you don’t like #weed. #YoureNotMyType

RT @SheIs_UNdefined: & When Im On That SMOKE, Im Going Super-HAM!

Its a new year lets make some changes…… f*ck dat wea da weedman at??

RT @KimmyBtchhh: Some of y’all need a Blunt!

RT @stillblazingtho: R E T W E E T If you smoke #weed.

RT @PrettyMeStarr: White People’(s) Call Police , Black People’(s) Call There Cousin

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