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Police Say There Is ‘Absolutely No Evidence’ This Man Was Beaten


(Reagan Ali)  Police in Florida are now claiming that there is “absolutely no evidence” that the man in the picture above was beaten.

Shortly after images of his bloody mug shot began to circulate on social media, it became clear to most that 31-year-old Jamell Adamson had been brutalized by the police.

But a Florida sheriff says that this could have all be a coincidence. Maybe Adamson just tripped and fell, sustaining these injuries, and decided to blame the cops.

Yes, that’s seriously what the Sheriff and Martin County Deputy William Jaques, expect you to believe.

Jaques pulled over Adamson for expired tags, but Adamson did not pull over right away.

When he did, Jaques tried to violently grab him but he was was pushed away, and Adamson tried to get away.

Jaques warned Adamson to stop, then shot him with a Taser. He claims that all of the severe injuries to Adamson’s face were caused by him falling down.

“He made it clear he wasn’t going to surrender peacefully,” Sheriff William Snyder stated on Monday. “So the deployment of that taser was 100% within our guidelines.”

But witnesses say this is a lie.

“We have eyewitnesses. He was beating and beating him,” Lahareesha Mays, Adamson’s sister, explained.

“He has a big gash on the back of his head, too. How did he get that?”

She points to blood stain patterns, indicating close up, repeated beatings, rather than on hit discharging blood farther way.

The Sheriff says they will conduct an “internal investigation.”

Do you believe the police, or do you believe the eyewitnesses?