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Popular Toothpaste Contains 5,000x Fluoride, Linked To Cancer And Lower IQ

(You Tube)  These days it is very hard for me to truly be shocked at a news piece of recent finding. I was shocked, however, when I found out that someone I knew had actually been using a doctor recommended toothpaste that contains a whopping 5,000 PPM fluoride.

That’s 5,000 times, or 5,000% higher than the amount of fluoride that has been linked by leading medical professionals to a 25% increased tumor growth rate, the cultivation of cancer cells, and of course IQ reduction.

Just ONE PPM led to those effects. This is ten THOUSAND.

It was Dr. Dean Burk who first broke the negative effects back in 1977, stating about 10,000 had died from fluoride exposure. And this, again, is talking about extremely “low levels” of 1ppm and so on.

Coincidentily after revealing these findings to the National Cancer Institute… they chose to withhold them until 1989 when they ultimately released them without any formal press release or announcement.

The findings showed that animals who consumed the fluoridated water developed:

An increase in tumors
Developed bone cancer
Showed an increase in thyroid cell tumors.
Developed a rare form of liver cancer.

Dr. Burk also later stated in an interview that the fluoride death count number is more likely around 70,000, and that fluoridation of the water supply is a killer crime.


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