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Rachel Maddow Blasts Conspiracy Thoerists While Defending Criminal “False Flag” Government

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(Kurt Nimmo)  Maddow lost her smiley sarcasm yesterday evening when she attacked Alex Jones.

In a segment broadcast on the military-industrial complex’s favorite “liberal” network (MSNBC is owned in part by death merchant General Electric), Maddow rallied against the very idea that government would engage in false flag terror events.

Such a thing is anathema for the lovers of state power over the individual.

Maddow trudged on with her tedious argument despite a historical record showing a consistent and undeniable pattern of government sponsored false flag attacks and planned false flag attacks – from the U.S.S. Maine and the Lusitania to Operation Northwoods and the Gulf of Tonkin (see A Brief History of False Flag Attacks: Or Why Government Loves State Sponsored Terror).

It drives the establishment crazy that the alternative media is allowed to ask questions at news conferences and arrive at conclusions not vetted by the controllers of the Mockingbird media. It drives them bonkers that popular websites and internet broadcasts – more popular than any number of shows on MSNBC – deviate from the establishment’s prepared script.

It also scares them – and that’s why we see stories from the Associated Press insinuating that Jones was somehow responsible for the Boston bombing.

In addition, Maddow’s warning that Republicans are joining the call for a second look at the official story is evidence that not everybody is drinking the establishment’s kool aid.

Finally, Maddow tried to conflate “truthers” and Boston bombing skeptics with neocons calling for a renewed war on Islam. This underhanded effort to dismiss those of us who have serious questions about the official story while rejecting the neocon call for war is destined for failure. Millions of peace-loving Americans know in their guts there’s something fishy about what happened in Boston. Most of them also know the attack has nothing to do with Muslims.

But Maddow’s not really to blame for her absurd rant. She is, after all, like her hero Obama, just a teleprompter reader.

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