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Senate Moves Closer To Gun Confiscation

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(Kurt Nimmo)  ABC News reported earlier today that senators Joe Mancin, a Democrat from West Virginia, and Republican Pat Toomey from Pennsylvania have reached a deal to impose universal gun registration on all Americans practicing their right to bear arms under the Second Amendment.

Mancin and Toomey announced the deal imperiling the free exercise of the Second Amendment during a news conference on Wednesday.

Senator Grassley says gun bill will change after a motion to proceed.

“This amendment is a genuine compromise,” Toomey said. “This is common sense. This is gun sense,” Mancin added, according to Fox News.

Outlawing Private Gun Sales Between Individuals

“Gun show sales will be conditioned on same background checks and paper record keeping requirements currently applied to retail sales,” ABC News reported.

Since the Sandy Hook massacre in December, Democrats have pushed to close to the so-called “Gun Show Loophole,” in other words they are working to outlaw private gun sales between individuals.

“Expanding background checks at gun shows will not prevent the next shooting, will not solve violent crime and will not keep our kids safe in schools,” the NRA said in a statement following the news conference. “We need a serious and meaningful solution that addresses crime in cities like Chicago, addresses mental health deficiencies, while at the same time protecting the rights of those of us who are not a danger to anyone.”

Gun Registration and Confiscation

Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley warned on Tuesday that the anti-gun bill about to be introduced in the Senate will be a “step toward gun registration” by requiring record-keeping for private sales. Toomey countered by saying the legislation does not require records to be kept on the sale of firearms.

Grassley and other senators have warned that the current language of the bill will likely change once it is released from committee and makes its way to the Senate floor.

Americans Believe Gun Registration Will Result in Confiscation

A plurality of Americans believe universal registration will ultimately lead to the confiscation of firearms. A Quinnipiac survey released last week shows that 48 percent said they think the government will use background check records to seize legal guns, while 38 said the government would not.

Following the passage of a historic and draconian anti-gun bill in New York, the state has moved to confiscate firearms.

California has also moved to seize guns from citizens.

Earlier this week in Austin, Texas, a Democrat official admitted the real purpose of gun legislation is registration.

In February, a Canadian news anchor, Brian Lilley, warned Americans that gun registration will lead to confiscation. “I’ve got a warning to my American friends: Registration will lead to confiscation. And if you don’t believe me, just look at what’s happened here,” Lilley said.

The Canadian Firearms Act, introduced in 1995, imposes severe restrictions of gun owners in Canada. In addition to erecting a mechanism for confiscation, the Canadian legislation is ideological. “The motivation for the Firearms Act was both ideological and political,” writes Donald Blake Webster. “It was emotionally inspired and politically-motivated social-engineering legislation pure and simple, a feel-good law to please urban left-liberal voters, but without any practical necessity or credible rationales.”

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