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Shrillary Denounces Trump To La Raza In Spanish

(Moon Bat)  When it comes to American citizens versus conquering hordes of unlawful Third World invaders, we know whose side Donald Trump is on. How about Shrillary? This answers the question:


“Basta” means enough. By now we have had more than enough of Shrillary, and of all Democrats and RINOs who push their hispandering to the point of treason.

Shrillary employed her demagogic Spanish lingo at a speech before La Raza (“The Race”), a group explicitly devoted to advancing the interests of Hispanics at the expense of everyone else, with an emphasis on Hispanics who are in the country illegally.

Try to imagine a group calling itself The Race existing to promote white interests. But then, whites aren’t allowed to have interests. That would be racist.

Despite her denunciation, Shrillary is not giving back the generous donations Trump has given to her slush fund Clinton Foundation.