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The Elite Are Going To Bug Out: This Is What They Have Been Preparing For


(Susan Duclos)  For years we have been warned, with those warnings increasing in urgency over the last few months by financial insiders like traders, investors, trends forecasters and more, that events they have been documenting led them to believe a massive economic crash was coming, with many highlighting upcoming events in September as a key to unlock the final phase.

They may have been off by a week or two as we see one event which may mark the beginning of the end, the horrendous stock market crash we just witnessed which some think may lead us into a “Black Monday” reminiscent of 1987, and others warning not to be deceived when we see a short rally in the markets before the final devastating crash.

In December 2014 ANP reported how the elite were stockpiling their “doomsday lairs,” and by January 2015 multiple news outlets were reporting the “super-rich were “panicked” and buying up boltholes with airstrips in preparation for an an “event” to which some wondered if the whole Jade Helm 15 military training exercise was a way to preposition troops across America as governments prepared for the same “event.

We now find out that the latest massive stock market plunge has already cost the “worlds richest people” aka the elite,  $182 billion in less than a week.

Via Bloomberg Business:

The world’s 400 richest people lost $182 billion this week from their collective fortunes as weak manufacturing data from China and a rout in commodities sent global markets plunging.

We also find out from Money Morning that “Most investors are taking their money and heading into safe-haven investments like precious metals. Precious metal funds saw an inflow of roughly $18 million for the week.”

Make no mistake, the world will not end Monday morning, people will get ready for work, go about their day and will notice nothing unusual…. but the “event” is happening right now regardless and the threads are unraveling. By the time the MSM informs the public to “get prepared” it will be too late, because once it all comes crashing down, the food shortages and the riots will have begun…. right before the government declares martial law in order to “protect” the people.


The elite, the super-rich, governments across the globe, have all been preparing for what is happening while the MSM, doing Washington’s bidding, has been telling the public the economy is recovering while the “bubbles” continued to grow and grow to the point where they are about to burst.

In May ANP reported the elite were actively practicing their bug-out scenarios and showed the mass exodus that had begun with 500 CEO’s getting out of dodge so to speak, asking if that was a “sign of something ominous” to come.

When they do implement their plans…. it will be too late for those that didn’t prepare and didn’t listen to the list of experts warning us what was coming.

The countdown has begun.

Note – We are not suggesting you take your last dime, your rent and utility funds, and go out on a buying spree –  we are suggesting in the strongest possible terms to get some basics – food, water, get money out of the bank so you have cash just in case you wake up one Monday, as they did in Greece, to find a “bank holiday” has been declared and depositors have no access to their money.

We are saying prepare now because once it all unravels it is going to happen fast, literally overnight.