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The Rise of Trump

I think it would be prudent for me to recount a few things we already know to help this story knit itself together sensibly, so please bear with me while I bring a little “old news” back to the surface as reminders, because it may help with the knitting process.

We’ve had conclusive proof that the elections are rigged for the last sixteen years, so no one should be putting too much faith in that process, or its chosen candidate. We’re encouraged to vote, we’re told that it matters, after which we’re presented with a politician who’s been trained to repeat what the average American wants to hear. If it’s not what any particular American wants to hear, he has an opposing party to blame. That fraudulent process gives the “consent of the governed” to the criminal enterprise now running this country (into the ground).

We also know that the actual direction this country takes is dictated not by the installed puppet, but by the international bankers that own the Federal Reserve Bank, and all other central banks throughout the western world, and beyond. Chief among these bankers are the Rothschild family, which has been in the business of supplying national currencies to various nations for hundreds of years.

And since this family is exerting their influence and/or control over all western nations today, it’s only sensible that we understand their political agenda, because it affects all of us directly. What we do know, from their own mouths, and those of their minions, is that their objective is global governance, or a “New World Order”, as they have called it themselves.

With those facts in mind, and with illumination provided by the illuminati, we should examine the installation of one Donald Trump to the office of the President of the United States. Why was he put there? What purpose does he serve for the bankers who actually pull the puppet strings?

The commie conditioning victims commonly known as “the left”, have often likened Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler and branded him a “fascist”, but that’s because they still exist in the pre-truth world, and understand neither Hitler nor fascism. Trump resembles Hitler not in his policies or politics, but in the job he was sent to do, by the same bankers who owned Germany’s central bank before and during Hitler’s rise to power, and still do today.

The German people of the Weimar republic were angry, much as Americans are now, because they resented Jewish control of their country, and were beginning to understand how the Jews had betrayed them by dragging America into World War I, thus causing their defeat. Weimar Germany was on the brink of revolt, much as America is today, and an angry population, then and now, is always a threat to the ruling elite. After some ceremonial voting to make the population feel as if they had chosen their government, Hitler was installed to make Germany great again, and restore its former glory. Hitler was installed to be a pacifier, so business wouldn’t be interrupted by popular uprising, and to lead Germany to its eventual destruction, because it could no longer be effectively controlled by the bankers. Trump is serving the same pacification purpose today, and he’s given a lot of angry people a reason to remain calm for another four years. He’ll also lead America to its destruction, but for now he makes headlines that buy hope and help to pacify the angry people among us, although absolutely nothing important has changed.

Let’s also remember who Hitler actually was. We know that his mother worked as a maid for the Rothschilds, during which time she became pregnant with young Adolf. Rumors exist of him being the illegitimate child of a Rothschild, but that can’t be proven. Either way, there’s a direct, and close link between Hitler and the Rothschilds which shouldn’t be passed off as coincidence. Adolf Hitler’s sister was the leader of the local Jewish Agency, he had a Jewish doctor and cook, and 130 Jewish officers serving in the Luftwaffe. Being born of a Jewish mother, Adolf Hitler was Jewish himself, and the Nazi concentration camps are just another page in a long history of Ashkanazi Jews persecuting Sephardic Jews, with the “Aryan Race” taking the blame for it all, in the typical Jewish “false-flag” tradition.

And who is Trump? He’s allegedly a billionaire who can’t be bought, but I think his tax returns are kept secret because he’s actually broke once again. With much of his money tied up in high-end real estate and casinos, he’s heavily invested in businesses that are presently failing, while being left with the debt of huge construction loans required to build them. I’d say he owes a big favor to bankers, who get to decide if he’ll be rich, or homeless.

Hitler was a Rothschild puppet, as is Trump, who gained popularity by promising to toss out the trash in Germany, just as Trump has promised to drain the American swamp. Unfortunately for both the Germans of yesteryear and Americans today, a population that can’t be controlled lives in a country that must be destroyed as far as international bankers are concerned, because their allegiance is only to gold.

Weimar Germany had become a decadent society, with all manner of perversion and indecency being promoted by Jewish media moguls, just as is happening in America today, because the destruction of morality is an important step toward the destruction of the entire country. The economy had crashed, as ours is crashing, and nothing breeds revolt as reliably as hunger always will.

Hitler was allowed to print honest money, that is, money that wasn’t borrowed from the Rothschilds, and this allowed the German economy to flourish long enough for the country to be destroy by war. If our economy crashes before World War III can be started, the bankers may allow Trump to save our economy the same way. “Honest money” allows a population to enjoy the fruits of their country’s resource wealth rather than having that wealth drained away by debt, and a perpetual shortage of money. In the crashed economy of the hungry Weimar republic, honest money made Hitler the people’s hero.

So here we sit in American today, our morals destroyed by Jewish media conditioning, our economy on the brink of collapse, with an awakening population that no longer trusts their government or any of the traditional sources of “news”, which population has also developed a newfound need to buy every gun that can be manufactured.

Thus, we were given Trump, who may or may not be permitted to save our economy depending on what’s needed by the bankers, but who definitely will lead us to our defeat in World War III, because we’ve become a population that the bankers can no longer control. You see, not only have the Rothschilds funded both sides of every war for centuries, they also decide the outcome of every war by funding their favorite a little more comfortably.

You can already see the war propaganda and strategic maneuvering unfolding, and if you’re paying attention to international military capabilities, you also know that we’re no longer defended by the most powerful military establishment on the planet. Chinese and Russian military technology has already surpassed our weaponry, and because our military has been plundering the resource wealth of nations around the globe, there’s no shortage of troops willing to fight to end our hegemony. We’re the new Nazis, and much of the world hates us for it.

Trumps supporters line up for miles to hear him speak, and no president in American’s history has enjoyed such adoration. It’s the result of promising hope to the angry masses, and much of what he says is scripted to do exactly that. His political competition is being destroyed. The democrats, the FBI, the Department of Justice, and the C.I.A. are all being exposed as criminals or incompetents in the eyes of the public, and all of this will serve to swell Trump’s popularity, and possibly confer dictatorial powers upon him when he’s the only governmental figure left that can be trusted to be working for America.

With most of the “alternative news” now under enemy control, the political dialogue has once again reverted to Zionists controlling both sides of the debate, combined with a concerted effort to censor the third side of the debate, which happens to be the only side containing any truth. It’s probably too complicated a plot for most Americans to follow, because we do live in a bottomless pit of propaganda and disinformation, but since the mainstream media has long ago been discredited in the eyes of thinking people, their attacks on Trump only result in him gaining more support, and that’s no accident.

The Zionist-controlled alternative news generally promotes civil war because it’s another means of destroying this nation, but in reality, education is all that’s needed to unite Americans toward their common good. Unfortunately, “divide and conquer” is always the rule, so you should expect an endless number of shills to appear, all trying to convince the left to attack the right, or vice-versa. I don’t think civil war is likely, because one side is armed to the teeth and ready to fight, and the other consists of melting snowflakes, but at the very least, the prospect of civil war serves as a distraction from the real war that’s about to unfold, and will serve to confuse many regarding who their real enemy is.

The unmentioned Mexicans, Hondurans, and others presently invading via the southern border may reveal themselves as a second front for American patriots to battle, but the real war is World War III, which America is scheduled to lose, because that’s the only way the bankers can successfully disarm and destroy this country they can no longer control. We’re all that’s standing in the way of them erecting their “New World Order”, and that fact has sealed our fate. We’ll be invaded, probably by Russian and/or Chinese troops, and if they can’t finish the job, the invading “immigrants” will be eager to help, because many of them were propagandized to seek the destruction of this country since childhood. There’s no way of knowing how many “fast and furious” guns they were provided with because reported numbers can’t be trusted, and truckloads of assault rifles have vanished near the border, as well as several armories having been pillaged.

And that’s where we are today; sitting on the brink of economic collapse, awaiting a crushing defeat in war, possibly followed by an attack launched by tens of millions of immigrants, all of them hoping to replace us in our homes and comfortable lives, and it’s the present comfort of our lives that’s most likely to insure our doom.

With most Americans more concerned with the latest garbage being spewed by the television, few are ready to accept their role as the final military defenders of this country, and although we probably have enough people on our side already, the more people who are prepared for the future that’s been planned for us, the easier that future will be for all of us. With a little luck, or the grace of God, we may easily upend the bankers’ plans, and truly make America great again by fighting to save our country, and restore the Bill of Rights that insures equality and justice for all.

All that’s left to be said is “prepare for war”, because it will be delivered to your doorstep. Your most effective way of doing that will be by joining, supporting, or organizing your LOCAL militia, because when you finally arrive at the truth, you’ll discover they’re all you have left on your side.
— Jolly Roger

“The preservation of the sacred fire of liberty, and the destiny of the republican model of government, are justly considered as deeply, perhaps as finally staked, on the experiment entrusted to the hands of the American people”.
— George Washington

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This article was submitted by Jolly Roger.