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Video: Government Surveillance Plane Hovers Over U.S. Town For Weeks

(Mac Slavo)  According to residents of Quincy, Massachusetts a low flying plane has been hovering over their town non-stop for the last several weeks, leaving many puzzled as to why it’s there.

No one in the Federal government is talking, and the FAA says they are aware of the “authorized” flight pattern but are not releasing additional details, other than to say, “we have to be very careful this time.”

Suggesting that the government is conducting surveillance is often disregarded as conspiracy theory, but in this case, it may be right on target.

Normally, we could dismiss a simple flyover as a one-off event. In this particular instance, however, the unmarked plane has been circling the same town repeatedly, with residents reporting that it passes over  every 5 – 8 minutes, and it does so at odd hours – sometimes for extended periods in the middle of the night.

One local city council member has been fielding calls from concerned constituents:

It’s not as if the flights are secret. You can stand in your front yard and look at them. So, the fact that they won’t confirm it’s law enforcement and we don’t need to worry about it is a little concerning to me.

A local news source, however, claims there’s nothing to see here:

Residents here say they haven’t seen it since the rain moved in. Before that it was circling the city non-stop.

Who’s behind it? What is it doing? Only the Feds seem to know.

Residents have seen it at all hours of the day, right over the roof tops so long as the weather’s clear.

Sources tells Newscenter5 the flights are government surveillance – the mission is classified.

But residents should not be concerned.

Move along and pay no attention to the military surveillance plane making rounds over your town – it’s there to protect you:

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What kind of  ”top secret” mission utilizes a low-flying aircraft overtly circling in such a way that residents of the town can see it on a regular basis?

And what did the FAA mean when they said they, “have to be be very careful this time?”

Is this yet another government psy-op? Or is there something else going on in Quincy, Massachusetts?

Video: “We have to be very careful this time”

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