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Video: Idaho For-Profit Prison Caught Lying To Get Taxpayer Money

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(You Tube)  “A private company that operates Idaho’s largest prison acknowledged Thursday that its employees falsified nearly 4,800 hours of staffing records over seven months last year in violation of its contract with the state.

The admission by Nashville, Tenn.-based Corrections Corporation of America is the latest in a string of staffing problems alleged or being investigated at the Idaho Correctional Center south of Boise.”*

For-profit, private prisons are marketed as a way for states to save money, but what about when they often go out of their way to support unnecessary imprisonment? What about when they’re [often] proven to be corrupt? Now, Corrections Corporation of America has admitted to falsifying employee records to get more taxpayer money from states. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, and Ben Mankiewicz discuss this and other corruption in the private prison system.

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