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[10/20/16]  It’s clear by now that the effects of the Wells Fargo account scandal have been far-reaching: everyone from bamboozled account holders to bank employees who tried to blow the whistle toWarren Buffett has felt an impact to some extent.

Wells Fargo itself has already reported a significant downturn in its consumer banking business thanks to the uncovering of its systemic, scammy practices.

While it reported a downturn in new applications and accounts opened since the scandal broke,Wells Fargo curiously hasn’t reported on its customer retention rates. That is, the rate of customers keeping their Wells Fargo accounts after the scandal.* (Conversely, customer churn rates would reveal the rate of customers cancelling their accounts. Either metric would work.)

Using app market intelligence insights from SurveyMonkey Intelligence, in this post we’ll measure the impact of the Wells Fargo scam on its huge mobile banking app business, providing the first 3rd-party customer retention data on Wells Fargo’s millions of mobile users.

Plus: As in any scandal, there are winners and losers; the case will be no different in the U.S. consumer banking industry. We’ll explore demographic and usage statistics on mobile banking customers that points to the banks who are in the best position to benefit from the Wells Fargo scandal fallout.

Impact of the Wells Fargo account scandal on its huge mobile banking business

Along with Chase, Bank of America, and Citibank, Wells Fargo is among the four largest consumer banks in the U.S. in terms of market capitalization, assets under management, and mobile customers.

Big banking apps weekly active users

In this analysis, we’ll benchmark Wells Fargo Mobile’s app statistics against those of the other big three banks.

Wells Fargo Mobile download statistics show adoption has fallen

In September, when the scandal hit, Wells Fargo Mobile download numbers dropped lower than in any other month in 2016.

Wells Fargo app downloads in 2016

Looking specifically at the 30 days after the Wells Fargo scandal broke and comparing them to the previous 30 days, downloads of the Wells Fargo Mobile app dropped by 7.7%.

Wells Fargo Mobile downloads after scandal

And this clearly wasn’t a trend affecting the broad mobile banking industry. Chase, BoA, and Citi all saw a modest increase in downloads in this same time period.

While the other banks saw their app adoption grow while Wells Fargo’s shrank, we can’t assume that this was a result of Wells customers shifting to other banks.

Looking at average monthly growth rates for 2016, we see that all four big banks expect modest download growth from month to month, on average. (However, as you can see in the chart for Wells Fargo downloads, above, there can be notable variability from month to month; it’s not a smooth growth curve.)

So, while Chase, BoA, and Citi saw growth within the expected range for their app downloads after the scandal, only Wells showed a significant–and negative–departure from its previous growth rate: