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White House Production Company Making Pro Syria War Ads

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(Sherrie Questioning All)   I saw an ad on The Hill website that is all over the place for ‘’. They ask you to call your reps to vote YES for Syrian war. To “Save the Children”

I investigated it today and found they were out of Arizona and is a video production company. But that then came full circle back to the White House and a private video production company that does Federal productions around the world.

That organization was formed last year, as per the ‘Who Is’ site.

I did one search after another and was eventually led right back to the Whitehouse as being behind this organization. Why? Because the video production company is the Whitehouse and U.S. government and NASA’s production company. The father of the ‘owner’ of is the owner of Skehan communications out of Washington D.C. and proudly says they are the White House production company. Besides that, it is funny how they do not actually have a website.

Is this the organization behind the Syrian Chemical attack videos? How many other “productions’ have they done for the government, which ends up being used for Propaganda?

All the links in the video are on my blog at this link, where you can investigate it yourself and see all the websites and how I came to the conclusion I did.

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