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Wikipedia Denounces Dewey Decimal System For Its “Anglo-American World View”


(Moon Battery)  Did you know that even the Dewey Decimal System used to organize books in libraries is ethnocentric and presumably racist? It must be true; I read it in Wikipedia:

Despite its widespread usage, the classification has been criticized for its complexity and limited scope of scheme-adjustment. In particular, the arrangement of subheadings has been described as archaic and as being biased towards an Anglo-American world view.

Our cultural Marxist ruling class has a Herculean task before it. It must eradicate all of the countless achievements of Anglo-American culture, and do from within a country created and mainly populated by Anglo-Americans. If they mess around, the job could take ages. They ought to petition Obama to sign an executive order abolishing the Dewey Decimal System immediately. Or maybe he could just issue a proclamation that it was actually invented by a Person of Color.