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Zombie Type Of Attack Hits Waco Texas

(KCEN)  On June 14, Waco police responded to a disturbance call of a man “going crazy” at 4610 Athens.

They arrested 22-year-old Michael Terron Daniel on June 25 for Cruelty to Non-Livestock Animal.

Daniel is accused of assaulting several people at the home, telling them he was on a bad trip from taking K-2 and that the substance was killing him.

He then went into the yard and started chasing a neighbor on his hands and knees while barking and growling like a dog.

That is when witnesses saw Daniel grab a live, medium-sized black dog and bring it to the front porch where he started beating and strangling the animal. He continued abusing the dog, biting into it and ripping pieces of its flesh away.

When officers arrived, Daniel was sitting, unresponsive and incoherent, on the front porch of the home with the dog dead in his lap.

Daniel had blood and fur on his hands, clothes and face.

While waiting for the ETMC to respond, Daniel awoke and asked officers to tase or fight him to help him off his K-2 trip. Officers did not do either.

He was taken to Providence Hospital and left in their care because of his medical condition. Daniel was arrested at his job today.